jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015


That's it! Now back to normal life... It's been a pleasure for us to share such good experiences with you all.

The teachers

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015


Well, this is almost over! There is a tradition here in Holland celebrated on December 5th. Sintarklaas arrives full of presents for everybody. The story says that this is a man that comes from Spain and he has some assintants, the most famous is Black Peter. 

Some of our students have already had their presents from Sinterklaas. Look at them:


Today is our last day and time to pack our suitcases again. The day started with a meeting to avaluate our experience with our Dutch partners. We had to sit in pairs and answer a few questions. The general comment has been: 'Amazing'. Most of the participants at the exchange have loved the experience!

Then our Dutch partners have gone to class and we have taken the bikes to the city. Today, even the teachers have cycled to the city!

Once there we have been divided into two groups: one has stayed in the museum and the other has gone around the Waal, a cycling tour around Nijmegen.
The Muzieum is a special place where the guides are blind, and they guide you through their dark world. Everybody had to take a cane to help them through this new place. It's been a very interesting experience and most of our students have enjoyed it very much. We have also had time to learn how to write in the Braille system and even to play games for blind people.

The other activity was a cycling route around Nijmegen Waal, with an amazing landscape and sights. Do you agree?

And today is one of our students' birthday: Anna Turón! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA!
We have all sung Happy Birthday to her before going into the museum, and we have given her a little present!

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015


Today we have met at 9:30 at school, where our students have had their lessons as normal students. They did French, Science and English lessons among others.
At 11:30 we have headed to Trivium, a place with three ice rinks where our students have skated and practised a lot!
Look at them!

Sebby is a very good skater!

And these girls at the Ice Rink Café!

And the teachers:

After skating, the students have gone home to get ready for our dinner at school. At 18:00 we have all met again and we have eaten from the food that our Dutch partners have prepared for us. The food has been delicious!

And there have been some performances from the different students. A Polish student has performed three songs, her name was Victoria and her voice was incredible!

Then the Basque students have performed a typical traditional dace.

And, finally, our group, Joel performing a song on the piano, then, Ana sang a song and finally all of them on stage to sing the song of 'Barça'.